Digital Hearing Aids

The digital revolution has transformed the way hearing aids look, feel, and function. Through digital technology, manufacturers have been able to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of hearing devices, adding both basic benefits and advanced features. Some hearing aids are so small, they are virtually invisible. Some devices look so sleek and cool, you will want your friends to notice them. Most significantly, some digital hearing aids sound so natural and clear, they mimic the way you used to hear before contracting hearing loss.

Whether you suffer from mild or severe hearing loss, digital hearing aids can improve your ability to hear and enhance your comfort. Explore the many features of digital hearing technology to better understand how these devices could change your life.

Image of digital hearing aids. Sound Relief Hearing Center of Denver, Colorado, supports Oticon because of their commitment to the latest and best hearing aid technology.

Features of Digital Hearing Aids   

  • Dual microphones will improve your ability to hear in noisy situations. The two microphones generate separate signals that combine to help you distinguish the direction of the sound waves. Some devices can even identify the source of a noise and reduce it.
  • Open technology eliminates occlusion by keeping the ear canal unobstructed and produces a more natural sound experience. A common complaint of hearing aid users, occlusion is that plugged, “talking-in-a-barrel” effect that sometimes occurs with hearing aids.
  • Feedback cancellation, as you might expect, cancels acoustic feedback before you hear it as an annoying whistle. Feedback is caused when sounds leave your ear and then find their way back to the microphone, where they’re re-amplified. Digital hearing aids can monitor these signals and remove them before amplification occurs.
  • Hands-free technology allows your hearing aid to automatically adjust to your listening environment. So if the wind, a crowd, or a telephone is affecting your ability to hear, the device will understand and automatically acclimate to the situation.
  • Computer programming is the key to personalizing your hearing aid. Using a computer, you can adjust your device’s settings to ensure they meet your individual needs, fine-tuning until you are completely happy with the results.
  • Wireless technology allows your hearing aids to act like earbuds. You can listen to other devices, like your cell phone, home phone, and television in stereo, directly through your digital hearing aids.

Technology Levels Available

Digital hearing aids are available at a variety of technology levels, so you can find the solution that best fits your lifestyle, budget, and degree of hearing loss. Your audiologist can help you explore the four technology levels available: economy, basic, advanced, and premium. 

Typically, economy hearing aids increase the volume of sounds but do not analyze the sounds or recognize the environment. Basic hearing aids are a notable step up, offering directional microphones, noise control, and feedback cancellation. Advanced hearing aids include additional technology that assists with noise control and speech enhancement (including automatic features). Plus, you can fine-tune them for optimal, personalized results. Finally, premium digital hearing aids offer the best hearing performance available today, providing exceptional sound quality in difficult listening environments.

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Ready to Get Started?

When you’re ready to explore how a digital hearing aid could benefit your life, contact Sound Relief Hearing Center. We are one of the only audiology practices in Colorado to stock a full line of digital hearing aids. Why? We believe it is crucial to our patients’ success that they have the opportunity to wear a hearing aid at home, at work, and at leisure before making the decision to buy it. So if you’re curious, why not give a pair of digital hearing aids a test drive? They might be the perfect fit for you.

To enjoy a free trial of digital hearing aids, schedule an appointment with the audiologists at Sound Relief Hearing Center today.