Tinnitus Success Stories

Many people are initially skeptical of tinnitus treatments. After years of suffering from ringing or buzzing in their ears, they question our audiologists’ ability to successfully treat tinnitus. To silence their doubts, they often ask if they can talk with our patients about their experiences at Sound Relief Hearing Center. Surprisingly, many of our patients have been receptive to these requests. In lieu of distributing their names and contact information, we decided to ask a few of our patients if they would share their tinnitus success stories with prospective patients on camera. We would like to thank them for generously making time in their schedules for us and our future patients.

These success stories are all proof that you don’t have to live with tinnitus, regardless of what your doctor or other audiologists have told you. Schedule a consultation with us today to better understand how tinnitus works and to explore your options for relief.

An Introductory Message from Dr. Julie Prutsman

Beth’s Tinnitus Success Story

A Cyclist and Mother Working in Sales

Beth’s tinnitus, which she describes as a high-pitched, hissing sound, began very suddenly at Christmastime. The noise continued 24/7, disrupting her life and causing severe anxiety. She explored many treatment options; in fact, she says she would have tried anything to silence her tinnitus. Nothing worked until Sound Relief Hearing Center. After one consultation, she experienced a newfound hope. Why? As she explains, Dr. Julie gets it. 

Bill’s Tinnitus Success Story

A Motorcyclist and Father Who Doubted Sound Relief Hearing Center

Bill did not want to come to Sound Relief Hearing Center, because he believed all audiologists were scam artists. However, after exhausting a variety of other avenues to deal with his tinnitus, his wife convinced him to give Dr. Julie a try. His tinnitus had gradually increased over time, growing louder and more persistent. It took an enormous toll on his quality of life, affecting his ability to sleep, his work performance, and his love for riding his motorcycle. When he visited Sound Relief Hearing Center and Dr. Julie explained the science behind tinnitus, everything finally made sense. His tinnitus faded, and his joy for life returned.

Mike’s Tinnitus Success Story

A Sheet Metal Worker with Severe Migraines

Soon after retiring from a 38-year career in a union sheet metal shop, Mike experienced severe tinnitus accompanied by painful migraines. As the screeching noise in his ears became louder, the headaches worsened and prevented him from sleeping. Luckily, after one particularly troubling night, he saw Sound Relief Hearing Center’s first commercial on TV. Now, he calls Dr. Julie his savior and credits her for saving him from a lifetime of suffering.

Karen’s Tinnitus Success Story

A Mom Whose Soccer Injury Caused Her Tinnitus

In her mid-twenties, Karen experienced a soccer injury that caused nerve trauma in her face as well as neck pain. Five to seven years passed before she learned that tinnitus would also be a side effect of the accident. She compares the sound of her tinnitus to Emergency Broadcast System tests (the TV announcements that begin, “This is just a test”). Not only did the sound disrupt her sleep patterns, making it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep, but it also interfered with her family life. After visiting Dr. Beki at Sound Relief Hearing Center, Karen finally found a customized treatment plan that works.

Christie’s Tinnitus Success Story

A Stay-at-Home Mom and Hair Dresser

Like many people who suffer from tinnitus, Christie waited for years to seek treatment because she didn’t believe help was available. Her tinnitus made her feel anxious in her own home, impeded her ability to sleep, and caused migraines. Luckily, a friend referred her to Sound Relief Hearing Center. At first, she was skeptical, but Dr. Julie’s scientific explanation of tinnitus and step-by-step treatment plan really resonated with her. It took some time for Christie to notice an improvement (about six months), so she encourages you to stick with the treatment even if you feel its not working.

Chris’s Tinnitus Success Story

Years of Lawn Care and Loud Music Caused His Tinnitus

As a teenager, Chris often spent summers mowing lawns and he would drown out the sound of the lawn mower by blasting Metallica and Black Sabbath on his Walkman. He didn’t understand the importance of hearing protection until he had already developed hearing loss and tinnitus. He noticed it most during quiet times, like when he was trying to sleep or read, but he never gave tinnitus treatment much thought. Luckily, Chris stumbled into Sound Relief Hearing Center. Although his tinnitus flared up at the start, he stuck with the exceedingly easy treatment plan and noticed a drastic improvement over time.

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