Tinnitus Success Story

Many people are initially skeptical of tinnitus treatments. After years of suffering from ringing or buzzing in their ears, they question our audiologists’ ability to successfully treat tinnitus. To silence their doubts, they often ask if they can talk with our patients about their experiences at Sound Relief Hearing Center. Surprisingly, many of our patients have been receptive to these requests. In lieu of distributing their names and contact information, we decided to ask a few of our patients if they would share their tinnitus success stories with prospective patients on camera. We would like to thank them for generously making time in their schedules for us and our future patients.

These success stories are all proof that you don’t have to live with tinnitus, regardless of what your doctor or other audiologists have told you. Schedule a consultation with us today to better understand how tinnitus works and to explore your options for relief.

Tim’s Tinnitus Success Story

“Honestly, I think Sound Relief has saved my life.”

Tim was used to working in an environment with plenty of background noise. Once he started working from his much quieter home, Tim started focusing more on the ringing in his ears. As a result, sleep became more difficult, eating habits declined, anxiety increased, and his self-esteem suffered. He knew this wasn’t normal, and he sought out the help of Sound Relief.

As soon as he walked in the doors, Tim says, “I had of sense of this is the real deal, this is an establishment I want to be involved with…Someone really understood what I was going through… and that’s priceless.” He says, “you’re enabling me to get on with my life in a way that I couldn’t do on my own. Coming to Sound Relief has been a real-life changing experience…Stress is reduced, my blood pressure is down, I am losing weight.” Tim’s biggest breakthrough during Tinnitus Retraining Therapy “has been accepting me and being comfortable in my own skin.”

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy requires the patient to truly commit to the process. “It’s the effort you put into it… it’s an active process by myself, with your office, with everyone, and it’s a team effort. If I don’t hold down my end of the bargain, I am not going to get better.”

Cindy’s Tinnitus Success Story

Cindy shares her experience with tinnitus and the relief she found.

Cindy, a native of Arizona, a former P.E. teacher and principal, and is a patient of Dr. Emily Densmore at Sound Relief Tinnitus and Hearing Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. The sound of crickets never ceased for Cindy. “The crickets controlled me.” She had no idea what was causing them and why they got louder.

Before her first appointment at Sound Relief, Cindy was skeptical. “Everywhere you go you hear there is no help.” But now after finding tinnitus relief, “You just have to make that first step.” She could’ve used the help of Sound Relief when she was a principal and needed the therapy more than ever to help with her mood and hearing. Cindy recommends people like her at least come in for a consultation. “That first consultation was worth every minute.”

The biggest change for Cindy is not hearing the crickets as much, and she is in a much better place to handle stress and her headaches have gone away. Tinnitus Retraining Therapy has given Cindy the opportunity to calm it all down. “If you’re honest with the process, and you’ve taken the time to do it and follow it, it brings so much relief to your life and controlling your tinnitus.”

Cheryl’s Tinnitus Success Story

The Future is Much Brighter

Cheryl’s tinnitus started in September of 2019, she could hear her tinnitus 24/7. It continued steadily until about March of 2020. By then, her tinnitus ramped up and the ringing in her ears got much louder. Cheryl was losing sleep, and the constant sound started to interrupt daily tasks. She saw a commercial for Sound Relief, and she did her research. Cheryl says she felt “this place was willing to help people like me. That they could at least make my life manageable to live with the sound” (tinnitus). Cheryl is “not a fan of going into doctors’ offices” but this “process was easy” and Cheryl says she was “able to sit back and freely make my own decision.” Cheryl also states, “the treatment has been amazing.”

Cheryl can manage her tinnitus now. She does not have sleepless nights, and she is pleased to use Tinnitus Retraining Therapy to manage her symptoms. Cheryl also has hearing loss. “Being able to have the hearing aids in as well has helped me cope with that loss as well as the tinnitus. I view the future as much brighter than 8 months ago.”

Joes’s Tinnitus Success Story

Massive amounts of antibiotics caused his tinnitus and hearing loss. Thankfully, he was able to find help for both issues.

Pam’s Tinnitus Success Story

Realtor Finds A Home To Help Her Tinnitus And Slight Hearing Loss
Pam is a realtor in Colorado, and she describes her experience with Sound Relief. In addition to the benefits of eliminating her tinnitus and improving her hearing, she loves the Bluetooth features of her devices.

Kris’s Tinnitus Success Story

Retired Science Teacher Explains Tinnitus Relief
Kris is a retired science teacher and explains the difference Sound Relief has made for both tinnitus and slight hearing loss.

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