Hearing Aid Repair

Today’s hearing aids are built to be durable and withstand much use and abuse; however, there are certain elements that can still cause damage to hearing aids and require them to be repaired. With simple cleaning and care, hearing aid repair can be prevented.

Ear Wax and Hearing Aids

The most common reason for a hearing aid to require repair is the buildup of ear wax or debris within the hearing aid. Everyone produces ear wax. It is natural, and some folks produce more than others. For custom hearing aids that sit inside the ear canal, they are exposed to wax every day the hearing aid is worn. With proper care and cleaning, you can prevent damage from ear wax. Your hearing professional will instruct you on how to properly clean your hearing aids. If you are concerned wax has entered the hearing aids, visit Sound Relief Hearing Center in Colorado for a professional hearing aid cleaning. Our specialized tools are able to remove wax much more efficiently than household items.

If we can’t fix your hearing aid in our hearing center, we will send your it to the hearing aid manufacturer for repair. Most manufacturers require hearing aids be sent to them by an audiologist – not the consumer.

Other reasons for hearing aid repairs include: exposure to water, physical damage from being dropped or stepped on, exposure to high levels of humidity or prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures (i.e. left in your car during summer or winter). Hearing aids may also need special attention after a few years of use. Keep in mind they are small devices that house miniature electronic parts. Over time, dust and debris may enter the hearing aid through the microphones or sound opening, which can eventually damage its internal parts.

The good news is most new hearing aids come with a warranty that covers repairs for a given amount of time. These warranties range anywhere between one to three years, depending upon the manufacturer and the audiologist you purchased the hearing aid from.

Why choose us?

  1. Our team has over 50 years of experience working with all hearing aid styles and all of the hearing aid manufacturers – past and present. You will not be able to surprise us with anything – new or old.
  2. We do require that you come in to one of our Denver locations with your hearing aid so that we can can see how it fits in your ear. While there may be a few cases that a hearing aid is beyond repair, most of the time can fix it quickly and at no charge.
  3. We can fix hearing aids made by most manufacturers including Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Widex, Sonic Innovations, Starkey, and many more. If you bought Costco hearing aids or ordered hearing aids online, they may not be worth the cost of the repair. Wherever you purchased your devices, we can give you an honest opinion of whether an out-of-warranty repair is a wise investment or not.