Why Sound Relief?

Hearing health care isn’t just what we do. It’s who we are. Several of us have tinnitus, a few have hearing loss, and everyone has friends and family members with hearing loss and/or tinnitus. Our purpose is to compassionately and effectively help people suffering from tinnitus, hyperacusis, and hearing loss.

Did you know that most hearing practices are owned by hearing aid manufacturers? We believe these arrangements present a conflict of loyalties between the patient and the provider. As one of the few completely independent practices in Colorado and Arizona, we are free to offer our patients the best technology regardless of manufacturer.

This means our only loyalty is to our patients. Here, we give you all the time you need to share your tinnitus or hearing loss experience. We also make sure to fully answer every question you may have. When patients leave, we want them to be more educated, feel more hopeful, and trust that they’ve truly been heard.

Another difference is our specialization in tinnitus. With an 80% success rate, no tinnitus treatment team is ranked higher or referred with more confidence. By combining our experience with proven FDA-approved tinnitus treatments anywhere, we help thousands experience life-changing results every year.

Summer of Love