Tinnitus Sound and Sleep Apps

Give yourself a reprieve from tinnitus with these sleep and tinnitus apps. With apps “coming out of our ears” and with very little professional direction, it can be hard to determine which sound and sleep apps might protect your ears, ease your tinnitus, and help get a good night’s sleep. To facilitate finding what you need, the team at Sound Relief has listed our top picks. The list of paid and free sound and sleep apps reflects our personal favorites, as well as apps suggested by our patients. These apps are available through Apple’s App Store and under Google Play’s App section. Wired recently did a piece about apps and gadgets to help tinnitus. They took a lot of input from our very own Dr. Julie.

*Many patients will benefit most from these apps when used in conjunction with needed amplification as part of their overall tinnitus treatment. To learn more, please explore the following links:

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