Out-Of-State Patients

We’re Here To Help, No Matter Where You Are

The best tinnitus, misophonia, and hyperacusis care are not always “just around the corner.” It often involves extensive research, emails, phone calls, and even travel. People travel from across the United States for our expertise in treating tinnitus, hyperacusis, and misophonia. Our experience makes us very aware of your unique needs, frustrations, and concerns. We will make your visit as easy as possible, guiding you every step of the way.

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Making Our Treatment Program Work For You

Whether you need to cross state lines or an ocean, deciding to travel for medical care can be daunting. We’re here to help you make an informed and responsible decision about your health.

We strongly believe that the gold standard of care starts with an in-person visit and thorough evaluation. This is essential to determining the most thorough and effective treatment plan possible. Follow-up care can be done virtually, and follow-up trips are not necessary.

If you are unsure about making the trip to Colorado or Arizona, the next step is scheduling a virtual meeting with one of our audiologists. For this first virtual meeting, you have two choices:

30-minute consultation ($75 USD – Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Only) This is an overview of your symptoms and a review of the treatment options that we offer. From this meeting, we can determine the next steps. We do not offer 30-minute consultations for misophonia, as 30 minutes is not enough time to discuss these symptoms and your case history.


– or –


1-hour consultation ($150 USD) During this appointment, we will dive deeper into your personal history and symptoms. We may recommend additional testing, such as a comprehensive hearing test, to be completed before your visit to maximize the effectiveness of your time. The fee for this appointment must be paid when scheduling the appointment. We credit this consultation fee towards a treatment plan when patients move forward with our practice.

However, travel is not always an option for patients, and symptoms may not warrant a trip for an in-person visit. In those cases, we do offer virtual audiology telehealth services. Before starting treatment, we will need confirmation of certain test results, but we can likely help you without seeing you in person.


Where To Stay During Your Visit

When you are ready to visit us at Sound Relief, we take special care to consolidate the scheduling of your evaluation, diagnostic testing, fitting, and programming of devices and allow plenty of time for questions. We will minimize the time you are away from home; however, you will likely need to book hotel accommodations.

We will schedule your in-office appointment at the location that works best for you. For instance, patients from Southern California may prefer to drive to Mesa, Arizona, and those from Kansas and Nebraska may choose to visit our Fort Collins, Colorado office. In other cases, patients may have friends or family who live near one of our nine locations and plan to stay with them during their visit.

Patients will visit one of our locations for the in-person evaluation and continue working with their doctor remotely afterward. Whether patients visit for out-of-state hyperacusis treatment, out-of-state tinnitus treatment, or out-of-state misophonia treatment, we are well-equipped to handle all patient concerns.

A few Out-of-Area Patient Reviews:

Google Review from Mike Bon

“Great customer care. The Doctors with Sound Relief are very knowledgeable, and their passion for helping folks with Tinnitus shows. I’m grateful we live in a world where modern technology can accommodate out-of-state communication. Sound Relief’s telecare service allowed me to speak with my Doctor right in the privacy of my own home. Trust me when I say I’m impatient with talking with folks via the web, but I found their telecare option very easy and user-friendly. Please don’t be intimidated by this technology. I promise you it’s easy. If I can do it, so can you. It’s worth the effort, and your ears will thank you.”

Google Review from Sam DeFranco

“I traveled from Maryland to Colorado to meet with Dr. Read for Misophonia treatment. We met once prior virtually via telehealth, and she explained what occurs in the brain for Misophonia patients and she explained how sound therapy could help reduce triggers…I have struggled with Misophonia for over 10 years and finally felt heard and validated after meeting with Dr. Read. Just hearing that she works with people just like me made me feel like there is hope…her office was able to schedule me one day and bring me back the next, so I didn’t have to fly out twice. I actually made a little trip out of it! The entire staff was so friendly they even recommended things to do in the area while I was there. Dr. Read fit me for the sound generators…and I was shocked at how comfortable they are. It has only been a few weeks, and I barely notice them! The sounds that play through them are very calming and although I still hear trigger sounds it does make it a bit easier to relax. She answered all my questions and my mom’s questions, and she didn’t rush me at all! …What’s also cool is that if I need her to adjust them, she can do it from Colorado virtually!

Google Review from Michael Tucker

“One of the best decisions I have ever made to get relief from Tinnitus. As a disabled military veteran, I have worked long and hard with other doctors to try to get relief. It was not until I contacted Dr. Reed and the rest of the staff at Sound Relief that I started having relief. Highly recommended.”