Do I have Tinnitus?

Many people experience an occasional ringing in their ears. Hearing this noise – whether it takes the form of roaring, ringing, buzzing, or hissing – does not necessarily mean you suffer from tinnitus. Tinnitus causes can range from changes in atmospheric pressure to exposure to loud noise to illnesses, and many of these only cause a temporary ringing in the ears. However, if the ringing doesn’t go away or you experience a worsening in any of these symptoms, you might ask yourself, “Do I have tinnitus?”

Some people are lucky; the cause of the ringing in their ears is obvious, and the noise soon disappears. For others, the sound persists and may even grow progressively worse with time. It can become increasingly intrusive and complicate many aspects of daily life, including sleeping, working, socializing, and relaxing. If you find yourself in the latter group, you have tinnitus.

Depending on the severity and duration of your condition, you may need to seek professional audiological help to correct it. Nearly 50 million Americans experience tinnitus symptoms, and 10-12 million have chronic tinnitus that requires medical attention.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself:

  1. Does tinnitus interfere with my sleep?
  2. Does it interfere with my enjoyment of life?
  3. Does it make me irritable?
  4. Does it make it hard for me to relax?
  5. Have I been bothered by tinnitus for more than 50% of my waking hours over the past week?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we recommend you schedule an evaluation. The doctors at Sound Relief Hearing Center can develop a plan to help with tinnitus management and help you find tinnitus relief. We understand that tinnitus varies from person to person, and during your consultation, we can figure out how your tinnitus diagnosis affects you and explore your tinnitus treatment options.

Although many people have to deal with the frustrations of tinnitus, remember that you don’t have to struggle with it on your own. If your tinnitus doesn’t dissipate on its own, contact an audiologist right away.

Finally, if you answered no to all of the questions listed above, we still recommend that you schedule an appointment with an audiologist for a hearing check and a general discussion of your symptoms. You will still receive an answer to the question, “Do I have tinnitus?” Plus, your audiologist can determine if hearing loss or another hearing-related issue is bothering you.

Contact Sound Relief Hearing Center for Help

Have you allowed tinnitus to compromise your quality of life? Contact Sound Relief Hearing Center to silence your tinnitus with the help of our experienced, knowledgeable audiologists. We specialize in tinnitus, so you can feel confident that we truly understand what you are going through.

We employ innovative new technologies so that our patients can secure effective and long-term solutions instead of temporary band-aids. Our evidence-based treatment options have provided life-changing results for 1,000s of patients. To better understand why you hear ringing in your ears, explore your treatment options, and finally silence your troublesome tinnitus, please give us a call at 720-344-7600 or schedule an appointment online.

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