Widex Hearing Aids

We are proud to partner with Widex because of their commitment to offering premium hearing technology and tinnitus management tools. As tinnitus and hearing loss experts, we have consistently achieved outstanding results using Widex products and believe it is a leading solution for our patients.

Widex: A Leading Manufacturer of Tinnitus and Hearing Solutions

A global leader with over 4,000 employees, Widex’s expertise and innovative products have improved hearing in over 100 countries worldwide.

Widex products not only lead the industry in hearing technology but have also prioritized the needs of people struggling with tinnitus. Tinnitus can severely impact the quality of life for those affected, causing sleep deprivation, depression, poor concentration, and even pain, but there is hope.

Dr. Julie and her team’s adherence to the tenets of “Tinnitus Retraining Therapy” (TRT), combined with Widex’s technology, provides relief for those suffering from tinnitus.

What type of tinnitus and hearing solutions does Widex offer?

The Widex team recognizes that hearing loss and tinnitus impact each person differently and have created products to fit individual needs. Their latest product the Widex SmartRIC gives seamless hearing so you can live feeling confident, free, active, and social.

The SmartRIC features a modern, sleek design that is incredibly functional. Built with the highest standards for design aesthetics, the SmartRIC was developed with you in mind. This groundbreaking design provides exceptional sound quality – especially in background noise.

Widex SmartRIC Hearing Aid
SmartRIC Portable Charger

Smart Power

Widex recognizes the necessity for reliable and practical solutions that afford you the liberty of ignoring your hearing aids while you’re out and about.

  • Enjoy up to 37 hours of use on a single charge. Widex’s longest-lasting rechargeable hearing aid.
  • Charge on the go – With the SmartRIC portable charger, you can enjoy hassle-free charging, mobility, and peace of mind. This small portable charger provides up to five full hearing aid charges, allowing over a week of freedom.
  • Convenience meets lifestyle – the charger’s compact size fits effortlessly into a bag or pocket for easy portability.
  • No guesswork, just assurance – LED indicators provide instant charging status visibility, giving you the confidence that your hearing aids are ready when needed.

The SmartRIC is offered in a myriad of colors to suit your fashion tastes.

Live Active

Widex SmartRIC enhances their SmartWind Manager technology through a newly designed and intelligent microphone housing engineered to minimize wind interference and diminish bothersome artifacts resulting from contact with hair or other objects. Experience authentic sound and conversations in a wider array of settings with a hearing aid crafted to alleviate discomfort in challenging situations.

Live Social

By adjusting the angle of the microphones at an improved angle, SmartRIC better aligns with your natural focus, enabling you to live in the moment and concentrate on the voices and sounds that matter most to you. The innovative design of the SmartRIC positions the microphones closer to a horizontal alignment, allowing the hearing aid to synchronize with your focal point, delivering clearer speech even in noisy environments. This improvement is tailored to facilitate your participation in social interactions and enhance your overall life experience.

Live Seamlessly

Whether your aim is to stay connected with loved ones or with technology and devices, Widex offers solutions to fulfill your requirements. Every accessory and application within the Widex SmartRIC has been meticulously crafted and strategically incorporated to seamlessly blend into your lifestyle. The outcome is an enriched auditory experience, empowering you to remain connected to the significant people and sounds in your life while managing hearing loss and tinnitus on your own terms.

The Widex Moment App

The user-friendly MomentTM app, available on iOS and Android, empowers you with extensive control over various features. With this app, you can leverage MySound for personalized sound adjustments, stream music, videos, and calls, and receive helpful tips and guidance on maximizing your hearing aid experience through My Guide.

Tinnitus Management

With tinnitus impacting a quarter billion people globally, most of Widex’s models include an optional program called Zen. Widex Zen Therapy (WZT) for tinnitus uses four individualized components that our audiologists customize for each patient. At the core of WZT is fractal tone technology known as Zen that produces tones based on musical properties. These fractal tones are predictable without being repetitive in order to provide a calming contrast to a patient’s tinnitus. When used in conjunction with directive counseling and relaxation techniques, WZT is an extremely effective tool that facilitates the process of habituation or re-wiring the brain’s auditory cortex so that tinnitus is no longer bothersome.

Widex Technology Levels

Just as a librarian’s hearing loss needs will differ from a fireman’s, Widex offers different “technology levels” designed to satisfy the demands of your lifestyle. The higher the technology level, the more advanced the device.

As you explore your options, you’ll see the terms “processing channels” and “listening programs.” Processing channels include a range of frequencies created by a digital filter (or multiple filters). These aid in performance and background noise abatement. Listening programs are features that help to manage the background noise that may come with a hearing aid.

Compatible Accessories: Assistive Listening Devices

Listening to the TV poses different issues than listening to a phone call. So, in addition to the SmartRIC and Widex’s technologically advanced hearing aids, they have developed many devices to help people in different listening environments. Assistive Listening Devices have revolutionized the way individuals with hearing loss engage in various environments. Below are a range of innovative solutions tailored to specific listening scenarios.

  • WIDEX TV PLAY  The SmartRIC hearing aids work in perfect unison with TV Play™
    • Award-winning design
    • Easy to set up
    • Maximum streaming stability
    • Exceptional sound
  • WIDEX SOUND ASSIST is a multi-functional device that can assist in numerous situations. Use the Widex Sound Assist as a table mic and partner mic for streaming Bluetooth, as a hands-free mic, remote control, and as a t-coil.
    • Extremely versatile functionality
    • Excellent sound quality
    • Lithium ion battery
    • Integrated clip
    • Elegant and lightweight design
  • WIDEX SOUNDCONNECT is a small and easy-to-use solution by Widex to stream high-quality stereo audio from personal computers/laptops directly to hearing aids. If you already have one of the Widex DEX devices, you can continue using it with the Widex SmartRIC.

Widex DEX Devices:

  • RC-DEX is a remote control device that allows you to manage the many features of your hearing aid.
  • TV-DEX is also a remote control device that connects the TV to your hearing aid.
  • T-DEX is a neck loop that communicates with the hearing aid’s telecoil.
  • COM-DEX is a hands-free device that directs a mobile phone signal to your hearing aid.
  • SCOLA models use an FM transmitter and receiver setup. This product is great for students in a classroom setting and professionals at conferences or seminars. The receiver is located near the teacher or speaker and sends a clear-sounding signal via an FM frequency to the person’s hearing aid, providing enhanced clarity for the listener.

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