After living with tinnitus for nearly a year and trying over the counter meds, a sound machine so I could sleep nights, etc., I saw a commercial for Sound Relief. Although quite skeptical, I made an appointment and will be forever grateful that I did! After evaluating me, explaining tinnitus to me, and answering all of my questions, he had me try a hearing device which felt like a miracle. I immediately relaxed and felt some relief. I have been wearing my devices for about three months now and feel like I have my life back. I can concentrate again, sleep, hear more clearly and no longer feel irritated all of the time. My husband is thrilled! I only wish that these had been available for my father many years ago. We watched him suffer with this terrible condition and were told that there was no help for tinnitus. Thank you Sound Relief for your wonderful clinic and expert help. I highly recommend Sound Relief Hearing Center for anyone who is struggling with tinnitus!