Phonak Hearing Aids

With their vibrant sounds and state-of-the-art technology, Phonak hearing aids promise to make you fall in love at first sound. You’ll adore the effortless sound experience, but what really makes Phonak hearing aids stand out is their medley of helpful features that work together harmoniously.

Sound Relief Hearing Center is proud to be a provider of Phonak hearing aids and Lyric devices. Our audiologists can help you determine which hearing device best fits your needs.

Phonak Hearing Aids Features

AutoSense OS 3.0

The latest generation of Phonak’s audio technology, AutoSense OS 3.0 recognizes environments and quickly adapts to accurately match the listening situation. So when you’re in a noisy and chaotic place, you can rely on your Phonak hearing instruments to assist you with excellent speech understanding. Not only does this technology provide exemplary streaming sound quality, but it is also the world’s first hearing aid to classify streamed signals.

Biaural VoiceStream Technology

It’s no secret that two ears are better than one. Two ears give you the ability to hear sound clearly from both directions, provide more balanced sound quality, and soften especially loud sounds. Phonak’s Biaural VoiceStream technology replicates this natural feature of the body by streaming full audio bandwidth bidirectionally in real-time. This is especially beneficial when you’re in noisy situations, when you’re talking on the phone, and when you can’t face the person speaking to you.

Direct Connectivity

Phonak hearing aids can connect directly to your iOS or Android smartphone as well as any Bluetooth-enabled electronic. Not only can you make hands-free calls through this connection, but you can also have your phone’s notifications sent through to your devices.

This direct connectivity makes it incredibly convenient to use Phonak’s apps to control your hearing instruments:

  • myPhonak App: This new digital service platform lets you improve your personal hearing needs. Use the Remote support services to allow your audiologist to customize your hearing experience in real time.
  • myCall-to-Text App: With the myCall-to-Text app, you can read in real time what someone on the other end of the phone says to you.
  • Phonak Remote App: The Remote app lets you transform your smartphone into an advanced remote control for your hearing instruments. You can adjust the volume, programs, and more.

Using Phonak’s AirStreamTM technology, which boasts “plug-and-play” convenience, you can listen to your favorite TV shows, movies, podcasts, e-books, and more through your Phonak hearing devices. The experience is similar to using wireless headphones, but because your hearing instruments can distinguish between streamed speech and music, they will automatically adjust and optimize the sound to ensure that you always receive superb sound quality.

Rechargeable Technology

Above all, you need your hearing instruments to be reliable, so you’ll love Phonak’s rechargeable technology. The lithium-ion batteries recharge quickly, offering a full day of listening power (including streaming), and they’re engineered to last for 6 years. You’ll never need to fiddle with disposable batteries again!

Your Options

The Phonak hearing aids are available in many unique models that come in an assortment of elegant colors. All of the models use a receiver-in-canal design and can be used by people with mild to profound hearing loss.

The audiologists at Sound Relief Hearing Center can help you select the best Phonak hearing aid for your needs and tailor it to your preferences. Schedule an appointment today to learn more.

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