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Sound Relief Hearing Center – Scottsdale
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Scottsdale, AZ 85254
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Our tinnitus and hearing center in Scottsdale, Arizona, is located between Cactus Rd and Shea Blvd on North Scottsdale Rd.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Friday: 8:30 am – 1:00 pm

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Our Hearing Health Professionals

Dr. Thea Wickey

Dr. Thea Wickey, Au.D.

Thea is very passionate about audiology and using it to help patients achieve a better quality of life. Experiencing the challenges of severe hearing loss firsthand alongside her beloved grandfather, Dr. Thea was drawn to this field at a very young age. Dr. Thea received her bachelor’s degree in audiology and speech-language sciences from the University of Northern Colorado in 2007 and her doctoral degree in audiology from the University of Northern Colorado in 2011.

Outside of audiology, Dr. Thea enjoys spending time with her husband (Kyle), their three young children (Haakon, Annika, and Kjerstin), and their golden retriever (Rio). She also enjoys exercise, traveling, and cooking.


Do you live with ringing, rushing, or buzzing in your ears? You are experiencing tinnitus, a condition characterized by an awareness of a sound not caused by an external noise. Although tinnitus will not trigger hearing loss, its presence may negatively affect your daily routine, your relationships, your career, and your ability to relax and enjoy life. Whether it lingers in the background or dominates your sense of hearing, tinnitus can disrupt your day and leave you feeling frustrated and exhausted. For help, contact the doctors of audiology at our Scottsdale location. We can evaluate the severity of your tinnitus and recommend a personalized solution to treat your unique symptoms.

Tinnitus Treatment Options

  • Widex Zen Tinnitus Treatment
  • Resound Linx2™ with Made-for-iPhone Tinnitus Relief App
  • Oticon Tinnitus SoundSupport™
  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)

Hearing Evaluations

If you schedule a hearing evaluation at our Scottsdale office, we will begin by asking you a few questions about your medical and hearing history. Next, the audiologist will use a lighted otoscope to inspect your outer ear and ear canal for any abnormalities. They will pay special attention to any malformations that could impact your hearing test results or require a visit to an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor. After that, we will conduct a hearing test in a soundproof booth to determine which specific frequencies you struggle to hear.

Audiometric Testing

During an audiometric exam, the audiologist will ask you a series of high-frequency and low-frequency words to determine how well you can understand speech over a short distance. In addition, we will give you several words to repeat back to us. The results of these simple tests will help us better understand your ability to hear and understand speech. In addition, we will explore whether or not hearing aids could help alleviate your symptoms.


Tympanometry tests the health of the middle ear and the mobility of the conduction bones and the eardrum (tympanic membrane). To accomplish this, the exam utilizes specialized equipment to produce variations in air pressure within the ear canal. Not technically a hearing exam, tympanometry measures energy transmission through the middle ear.

Hearing Aids

You can purchase hearing aids at hundreds of different places in Arizona. So why should you purchase hearing aids from Sound Relief Hearing Center? We offer professional hearing tests, decades of experience, and personalized treatments. Plus, we only offer the best hearing aids available, and we provide a variety of options designed to meet any budget. To ensure that your selected hearing aid produces great results, we can customize the device to suit your needs and preferences. Above all, we promise to make your experience memorable and to provide you with the greatest return on your investment in your hearing health.

Wax Removal

Cerumen, more commonly known as ear wax, is a yellowish, wax-like substance secreted in the ear canal. It protects and cleans the skin of the ear canal and assists with lubrication. Plus, it can protect the ear from bacteria, fungi, insects, water, and other unwelcome matter. However, sometimes ears produce too much ear wax, and it may become impacted and press against the eardrum. This impaction can impair your ability to hear and produce general discomfort. For help, contact Sound Relief Hearing Center. We can use specific tools and techniques to safely remove the ear wax.