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Editorial Process

At Sound Relief Tinnitus & Hearing Center, we recognize that trust is paramount regarding health information. Our editorial approach focuses on delivering accurate content, reviewed by numerous audiology experts, easy to understand, and valuable to everyday life.

Mission Statement

From the beginning, our mission was to eradicate the misconception that nothing can be done for tinnitus. Since then, numerous other fallacies have taken root in audiology, and we continue our mission to provide consumers with the best information to make decisions about their health and well-being.

Distinctive Approach

Sound Relief Tinnitus & Hearing Center strives to provide clarity with factual and well-researched content in an online landscape inundated with pseudo-scientific internet health advice. Our extensive medical knowledge and experience in audiology allow us to sift through conflicting studies, opinions, and advice to present the world with accurate and actionable information.

How We Ensure the Best Content for Our Readers

Sound Relief Tinnitus & Hearing Center covers various audiology topics, from the latest tinnitus treatments and hearing technology to stem cell research, misophonia, and hyperacusis. Each piece of content is factual and well-researched.

Our editorial process includes referencing primary documents, evaluating both experts and writers and thorough fact-checking to ensure the highest journalism standards and unbiased, comprehensive content.

Collaborations with Experts

We collaborate with medical professionals and specialists across all fields of medicine.

Innovative Writers

Our team includes over a dozen audiologists passionate about continued learning and innovation. Additionally, we publish personal health stories and balance ethical writing with freedom of expression. We clearly label opinion pieces to distinguish them from expert-approved content.

Research Integrity

Our commitment to quality involves extensive research and reliable sources.

Transparency in Sources

Every article includes a detailed list of sources, fostering transparency and trust in our content.

Content Updating

We actively monitor the field of audiology, updating our content with new clinical guidelines, findings, and essential news to ensure that our information remains up-to-date and safe.

The Sound Relief Style

Our writing style is friendly, inviting, and empathetic, especially concerning sensitive topics. We are committed to diversity, inclusivity, and addressing often overlooked perspectives in audiology. The guiding principles of style ensure our content is accurate, compassionate, and plagiarism-free.

Why Our Rigorous Process Matters

Our commitment to you is at the heart of everything we do at Sound Relief Tinnitus & Hearing Center. Among our five Core Values is Integrity. Our uncompromising editorial process upholds that particular core value centered around you, our reader. We strive to earn your trust as your resolute hearing health partner, providing well-researched, reliable information to guide your health decisions and enrich your quality of life.