Meet Bodhi! (Pronounced Bo-Dee) Bodhi is Dr. Tony Kovacs’s 9-year-old chocolate lab named after the bodhi tree, which is the tree under which the Buddha sat when he became enlightened. However, this dog is anything but calm and reflective. As chocolate labs tend to be, Bodhi is a total lunatic, even at 9 years old! A loveable escape artist, Bodhi has been known to break through many screen doors and windows in a determined (but never successful) attempt to catch squirrels, cats, or just go for a sprint around the neighborhood. Bodhi was adopted at 1 year old and has been with Dr. Kovac’s and his wife, Lisa, ever since. Bodhi is an excellent snuggler and LOVES swimming, hiking, and playing fetch and tug-o-war. He’s very good with his new little human sister, Margot, who gets startled when Bodhi gives her huge sloppy kisses.

Dr. Kovacs sees patients at Sound Relief in Fort Collins, CO.