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doctors in lab gownWhy Sound Relief?

We are completely independent!
Who cares? Almost 75% of hearing aid practices are owned by a hearing aid manufacturer. There are others that purchase their hearing aids through buying groups where they commit to purchasing preset quantities of a limited number of manufacturers. The problem with each of these scenarios is that the hearing specialist is faced with a conflict of interest between the patient and the manufacturer or buying group.

Our focus is always on the best interest of the patient. We are family owned and operated, and we don’t buy our hearing aids through buying groups. With the freedom and expertise to fit the best hearing and tinnitus technology available, you will have the best experience and outcome with Sound Relief Hearing Center.

We offer you exceptional care – without exception.
Sound Relief is the gold standard in the hearing health industry, and our team of doctors strive to help people conquer their tinnitus and re-connect with those they love through better hearing. Your success with treatment is our top priority, and we are certain you will not be disappointed. This isn’t just a job; it is our mission to be the best at what we do and use our gifts to help improve the lives of others.

Our experience and expertise gives you confidence.
Dr. Julie’s grandfather started the family in hearing health care in the 1950s. Three generations have carried on this legacy, and Dr. Julie and her team of doctors honor this family tradition through exceptional, compassionate care. With 120 years of collective clinical experiences, our patients benefit most from our vast combined knowledge of hearing loss, tinnitus, and hyperacusis.

State of the art technology ensures the greatest benefit for our patients.
We only work with manufacturers that offer the most technologically advanced tinnitus treatments and hearing aids available. As technology evolves, our vendor mix may change. Our commitment is to you and providing the best technology and value.

We Specialize in Tinnitus and Tinnitus Treatment.
When doctors say nothing can be done about your tinnitus, what they meant was they couldn’t do anything. We have helped thousands of people living with tinnitus experience life-changing results. All of our doctors are tinnitus experts, and we only offer FDA approved tinnitus treatments. We help more people find relief from tinnitus than any other audiology practice in Colorado, and patients come to us from across the United States and around the world to get the help they need.

Exact Fittings and Programming
Even the most expensive and cutting edge tinnitus and hearing devices will disappoint if they are not the type or style that is best suited for you. Our professionals are skilled at fitting and programming these devices based on the results of your hearing tests and tinnitus pitch and loudness match. The most advanced fitting methods and equipment are used to make sure you experience the greatest benefit from your tinnitus or hearing solution.

We are locally owned and very active in our community
As a part of our community, we are always looking for ways to give back. We are involved with many charities and groups both related and unrelated to the hearing profession. Please visit the Community Outreach section of our website. If you know of any groups needing hearing screenings or help with hearing loops, opportunities for us to participate in upcoming events, or if you would like to take part in a fundraising event, please e-mail us at or call Patrick our Community Outreach Coordinator at (303) 359-2441.

Exceptional follow-up care keeps your devices performing like new
Your relationship with us continues well beyond the time of your initial fitting. Your follow-up care includes ongoing office visits to make certain you are following the prescribed tinnitus protocol and/or that your hearing aids continue to work as they should. We will teach you how to care for your hearing devices at the time of your initial fitting, but feel free to visit us any time for a complete and thorough cleaning of your hearing instruments. At a minimum, we recommend a follow-up visit every four months to check your ears and devices for wax build-up.

An educated patient will see the most benefit from our tinnitus and hearing services.
Your success with the tinnitus and/or hearing solution we recommend is our main priority. Fully understanding your auditory troubles and the solutions that are available will positively impact your outcome. That is why we spend as much time explaining your tinnitus and/or hearing options as we do evaluating and testing.

Comprehensive testing ensures we understand your unique level of tinnitus or hearing loss.
We perform diagnostic examinations that are precise and accurate. This allows us to recommend the best solutions to help you manage your tinnitus and/or optimize your ability to hear.