“After living with tinnitus for nearly a year and trying over the counter meds, a sound machine so I could sleep nights, etc., I saw a commercial for Sound Relief. Although quite skeptical, I made an appointment and will be forever grateful that I did! After evaluating me, explaining tinnitus to me, and answering all of my questions, he had me try a hearing device which felt like a miracle. I immediately relaxed and felt some relief. I have been wearing my devices for about three months now and feel like I have my life back. I can concentrate again, sleep, hear more clearly and no longer feel irritated all of the time. My husband is thrilled! I only wish that these had been available for my father many years ago. We watched him suffer with this terrible condition and were told that there was no help for tinnitus. Thank you Sound Relief for your wonderful clinic and expert help. I highly recommend Sound Relief Hearing Center for anyone who is struggling with tinnitus! ”
Kathie M.
“The clinic in Highlands Ranch was very professional and it actually worked. I have taken my mom to a couple different audiologist, but we finally found one that could help. Thanks Doc. Now I don’t have to listen to my mom complain all the time 🙂 ”
Jessica J.
“I had no idea what tinnitus was until I saw one of Dr. Julie’s commercials. I just knew something was bothering me. It finally got so bad that I made an appointment. They walked me through the entire process, and I am well on my way to getting rid of it once and for all. I don’t know what I would have done without the Sound Relief Hearing Center.   ”
Austin E.
“I just want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone at the Sound Relief Hearing Center. From Dr. Julie all the way down, everyone was incredibly professional and most importantly they were able to get me fitted with a hearing aid that was comfortable and effective. So glad I decided to see Dr. Julie! ”
Blake S.
“My husband and I have tried many different audiologists, and we have purchased many different hearing aids over the years. Luckily, we found Dr. Julie, and she sure is something special. She had many different styles to choose from, and her knowledge, professionalism, and patience was remarkable. I am telling all of my friends, and thank you Dr. Julie!! ”
Audrey Hill
“My primary care doctor referred me to an ENT for my tinnitus. Both of them said I would just have to live with it. Thank God I saw Dr. Julie’s commercial and came in to get her opinion. I really feel that she saved my life. If the ringing got any worse, I was going to have to take matters into my own hands. She put the Widex with the Zen program on me and my tinnitus was about 90% gone by the time I had driven home. Life is good and Dr. Julie is one of God’s angels. Thanks Doc! ”
Shane W.
“A great facility with state of the art equipment! Dr. Julie knows her stuff!!! ”
Steve Brickheim
“In my father’s 30 years of hearing troubles, he became pretty bitter about audiologists. It is actually quite surprising that I convinced him to come with me to see you. We are both glad that he did! Nobody has come close to the service and expertise you provide. Your ability to explain to him and me the various solutions and financing options was very helpful as well. Thanks again for being so patient with my dad. ”
David Simms
“Wow! I can hear!! I have worn digital hearing aids for over 8 years, and I thought my hearing was good with those devices. I didn’t hear everything, but I thought that was normal. I still had to have people repeat what they were saying sometimes, and the sound on the television was pretty loud. I love my new Intigas and my new audiologist. Thanks Dr. ”
Bethany Pearson